AFCAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers PDF Free Download

Indian Air force calls for AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) for several positions to serve under Indian Air Force. Both Male and Female candidates having degree qualification from a recognized university can apply.Get more idea on this.

So have a look at the AFCAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers PDF Free Download and it is the year of 2013 paper. We will udate you with more paeprs, for the time being, have a look at this one. Get free knowledge.

AFCAT Eligibility Criteria:

1.       Flying Branch: Age should be between 19 & 23 years and should be a graduate

2.       Technical Branch: Age should be between 18 & 28 years and should have four years degree in relevant discipline

3.       Ground Duty Branches: For different positions ages range between 20 & 37 years and candidates having qualification of Graduation, Post Graduation, LLB, Med, Ph.D, CA & ICWA can apply

Selection Procedure:

Candidate meeting Eligibility criteria can get selected on the basis of ACFAT / EKT/ PABT as per the branches applied for followed by Intelligence Test, Psychological test, Group Test, Medical Test & Interview.

EKT stands for Engineering Knowledge Test, PABT stands for Pilot Aptitude Battery Test.

How to Apply for AFCAT :

1.       Online by visiting the official website of

2.       Click on “Candidate Login” and fill the requisite details to register

3.       Click on “proceed” and apply online

4.       After completion take print out for future reference

AFCAT Syllabus:

AFCAT syllabus comprises of General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability & Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test.

1. General Awareness: This tests your general awareness on the current topics and Usually the questions on General Awareness relate to the topics of Sports, Geography, Basic Science, Art, Culture, Current Affairs, Politics, Defense, Environment, Economics, Civics, History etc.

Sample Questions:

a. Name the first person who went in the space

 (a) Yuri Gangarin                                             (b) Neil Armstrong

 (c) Rakesh Sharma                                          (d) John Glann

b. Lionel Messy is associated with the game of ____

(a) Rugby             (b) Tennis            (c) Football         (d) Basketball

2. Verbal Ability in English: Synonyms Antonyms, Sentence completion, comprehensive passage, error detection, vocabulary testing etc. Good grip on the language of English is very essential.

Sample Questions:

a. In each of the following questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there

is no mistake, the answer is (d) “No error”.

He charged me (a)/one hundred rupees for five dozens(b)/oranges of average quality (c).

No error (d).

(a)                                             (b)                                         (c)                                           (d)

b. Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the

sentence meaningfully complete.

Everyone was ________ by surprise when she announced her plan to marry that man.

(a) moved                  (b) shaken                          (c) taken              (d) disturbed

3. Numerical Ability: This section entails questions up to 12th standard and comprise mainly of Simplification, Average, Profit & loss, Simple interest, Decimal Fraction, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion etc.

Sample Questions:

a. When simplified (2.43 x 2.43 + 2.43 x7.57 x 2 + 7.57 x 7.57) is equal to-

 (a) 10                    (b) 100                  (c) 101.89                             (d) 200.59

b. The sum of ` 6.25 is made up of 80 coins which is either ten paise and five paise. The

number of five paise coins are-

 (a) 25                    (b) 35                    (c) 40                     (d) 45

4. Reasoning & Military Aptitude Test: Verbal skills and spatial assumption ability. This decides your reasoning and aptitude skills which is equally important to get recruited.

Sample Questions:


In the following questions there is a pair of capitalized words followed by four choices marked A, B, C, D. Choose the pair of words whose relationship is most similar to that expressed by the

capitalized pair, and mark your choice on your answer sheet.


A handsome : young                                      B beautiful : ugly

C summer : spring                                            D complete : total

AFCAT Exam Pattern:

ACFAT is a multiple choice question test (4 options) of 2 hours duration. A total of 100 questions carry 300 marks. Each question carries 3 marks and for every wrong attempt 1 mark will be deducted.

The objective of this Examination is to assess the candidates on the front of aforesaid sections.

Qualified candidates have to appear for AFSB Interview. The candidates qualified in the interview have to undergo several tests as per the courses they have applied for. Candidates applied for Flying Branch have to paper for PABT and the candidates applying for Technical branch have to appear for EKT.

And the few successful candidates clear the test will get opportunity to work with Indian Air Force.

AFCAT Preparation Planing & Study Meterial:

In due course of time IAF has increased the standard of questions and hence, Planning to execute smartly is very important to qualify ACFAT and to be a part of the most premier Institute i.e. Indian Air Force.

To improve general awareness the candidates have to read news papers and watch news channels regularly. Answering maximum questions within limited duration of examination to maintain accuracy needs proper planning and practice. 

AFCAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers PDF Free Download or Sample question papers and other study materials are available on our portal and candidates must access these to have better grip on the trend of questions being asked in years.

Many good books are available in the market exclusively for ACFAT preparation. Books for P.O., CAT, XAT etc. are also prescribed to enhance the horizon.


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