CA CPC IPCC Exam Preparation Tips, Syllabus for November 2017

Brief  about CA CPC IPCC Exam Preparation Tips :

The Chartered Accountants (CA) has mainly three stages of selection. Those are specified as Common Proficiency Course (CPC), Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) and Final test. The CPC is the entrance test, it is in the form of objective type. The IPCC and final exam are the subjective type of tests with two different sections. Generally IPCC has 7 number of papers. Section-I has 4 papers and section-II has 3 papers. But the final exam has total 8 number of papers for 2 sections i.e 4 papers for each section of the exam. ok ?

CA CPC IPCC Syllabus for November 2017:

The CPT pass out candidates are always very curious to know about the CA IPCC syllabus. The IPCC syllabus is going to be changed for the exam which is conducted on November, 2017. The syllabus was almost same for the May 2017 exam. Generally IPCC exam has 7 papers. In these 7 papers, 5 papers syllabus will be same as May 2017 and remaining 2 papers are going to be changed for November, 2017 onwards. Those are Paper- IV  and VII. The changed syllabus for these two papers are given as below.

IPCC Paper-IV syllabus:

  1. Introduction to excise duty, customs duty, central sales tax and VAT 
  2. Significant provisions of service tax

IPCC Paper-VII syllabus:

  1. Business process management & IT
  2. Information systems and IT fundamentals
  3. Telecommunication and networks
  4. Business information systems
  5. Business process automation through application software

Final Syllabus:

After completing the IPCC exam, the candidates are eagerly waiting for the final exam syllabus. The final exam consists of 8 number of papers with 2 sections. In these 8 papers, 6 papers syllabus will be same as May, 2017 exam and the remaining 2 papers are going to be changed for the November, 2017 onwards. Those 2 papers are paper – VI and VIII. The changed syllabus for these two papers are given as below.

Final exam paper-VI syllabus:

  1. Concept of governance and management of information systems
  2. Information systems concepts
  3. Protection of information systems
  4. Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning
  5. Acquisition development and implementation of information systems (SDLC)
  6. Auditing & Information systems
  7. Information technology regulatory issues
  8. Emerging technology

Final exam paper-VIII syllabus:

  1. Central Excise
  2. Service Tax
  3. Customs and Foreign Trade Policy

The students who are going to write the IPCC and Final exam of CA, they should check the syllabus on or before the preparation. The syllabus will be changed for these 4 papers which are specified above. Remaining all papers syllabus will be same as previous exam. For more updates you should visit the official page. The clear information regarding the CA IPCC and Final exam syllabus you can go for the following link.

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