Engineering Options After Intermediate in India, Career After 12th

For a country its development depends on the engineers they are the factors for the same. The design of large projects, the construction of modern buildings, technically and industrially it is only because crucial role of engineers. As such, the demand for engineers is forever. For this reason, the majority of the students focus on the Engineering career after 12th. SO students might take right decision in choosing a Engineering Options After Intermediate in India. The branch should be chosen such that it fit their taste. How to choose the branch?, Which subject to choose in engineering as major one, which branches are in demand? Many more you want to know about things like this & kind of information. We coming to that. If you have good taste good fortune! to rise as engineer to a higher position in life, at the national level we have colleges like IIT, Technology, bits and other organizations.And many options are there.

In our states variety of engineering branches and operations are available in JNTU and OU and colleges under these two.

Details of Engineering Options After Intermediate in India, Career After 12th:

* Mechanical Engineering

* Civil Engineering

* Electrical Engineering

* Electronics and Communication Engineering

* CSE In Engineering Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics are core branches.

Since decades mechanical and civil engineering demands are the growing branch. For Environment, water resources research, management, civil engineering is best. So choose if its your choice. Structural engineering has become a very important specialization. Projects, multi-stair buildings, roads, etc. are growing attention of governments. Computer-based design is in practical use. Hence candidates, must learn cam-like abilities, relevant skills. Soil Mechanics, Transportation Engineering, Hydraulics are growing their demand for specialization. Increasing the chances of the candidates in the real estate sector as well as in its development.

* Mechanical, Civil Engineering:

Auto mobile sector is expanding day by day, setting up heavy industries, management and other aspects of industries this is the mandatory share of Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical, civil branches of students taking the subject to be mastered. Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE): Students creatively Most preferred branch of Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE). Bearing electronic equipment design, manufacturing industries, this branch fills the shortage of professionals in this stream. Those who choose to take ECE must be good at subjects Mathematics, Physics. To fill vacancies in the country, and abroad there are good job opportunities for this branch.

* Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE):

The branch students are supposed to be good in Mathematics, Physics subjects. Good analytical skills are must. The mandatory interest is electrical part. Students have facility to switch easily to any of these two section – Software, hardware branch. which are able make you good job opportunities. More number of jobs are their in EE engineering.

* CSE – IT:

IT services sector, other sectors are also growing. Thus, students from software side, do not need to focus on jobs of IT companies. Also in Legal Research, accountancy, travel, portfolio management, and such departments of Engineering opportunities are huge for students. In addition, Biological, Architecture, Bio-Chemical, Aerospace, Agricultural, Construction, Electrical , Environmental, Industrial, Manufacturing, Materials and Metallurgical, Naval Architecture and Marine, Ocean, petroleum, software engineering and other branches in need of CSE students. The use of software applications in the most modern life is trending. In the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) according to demand, select a postgraduate degree after the 4 years CSE for more strong foundation. 

Admission tests:

At the state level entrance test for admission to engineering courses is EAMCET Only. The prestigious national-level organizations to join is the National Institute of Technology, IIT through Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) I-SAT, bit-sat, etc. State level exam – EAMCET Andhra Pradesh government and private educational engineering, medicine, agriculture, pharmacy, biotechnology, etc are going to conduct this test. For admission in to the Engineering, Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test hence its EAMCET.


1) BE / Btech.

2) BVSC. And AH. / B.Sc(Agri)


4) Bpharma / Btech (Biotechnology), Pharma-D.


Inter who took courses – Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics its a must to join engineering . To join other courses i.e. Medicine Biology, Physics, Chemistry subjects are must be taken in Inter. at the national level to join Degree and postgraduate courses with Hostel IIT, NIT, Indian Institute of Space Science, bits, etc. are there. With the companies offering jobs. Apply for admission of the all-India level entrance examinations.

* IIT – JEE:

BE, Btech, B.Arch, Bachelor of Design and all other courses will be there to choose. for this examination in Inter you must take MPC with at least 60 per cent marks are eligible because this test is in Physics, Chemistry, Maths subjects

* bit-sat:

Birla Institute of Science in the BArch, Bpharm Honors courses will be held for admission to the examination. In Inter one should be a first-class student in science subjects.

* I-SAT: Aerospace Engineering, Avionics, Physical Sciences Admission for students into Btech. Entrance Examination for this by Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology divisions. In Inter Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects and should get at least 70 per cent marks in the first attempt only. Tenth marks as well as all of the subjects must be more than 70 per cent. University of Petroleum, Dehradun University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Institute is a Rare Engineering (Btech) course with subjects – LPG, CNG, LNG, nuclear energy, energy systems, refining and petrochemicals, pipelines, Geo-sciences, Aerospace, Automotive Design, Accreditation signify, including IT and infrastructure sectors etc. In Inter science subjects you are required to reach the 60 per cent of the marks. In Tenth also more than 60 per cent. Students are admitted on a national level entrance test conducted. Students are admitted on a national level entrance test conducted. branch selected on the basis of interest Branch plays a key role in the selection of the interest of the candidate.

Professional courses such as engineering, after inter related subjects of interest of the applicant i.e the desire to achieve something in the field. Interested candidates, with passion, inspiration, except for the differences in gradea, the opportunities are available. Engineering is not so easy one must work hard from the first day of joining the college. For Those who have achieved at least 70 per cent marks in the future, higher education, employment opportunities are high. Engineering will not be able to benefit you if you are at a minimum of 60 per cent of marks. government jobs for civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics and other branches of Engineering jobs are available. Combined Engineering Examination of the central government, NTPC, ONGC, the state government of AP Genco, transko, Steel Plant, etc. will recruit job seekers. Candidates who may attend the exams Group 1, 2, etc. will be government servants. 

Career in commerce According to e-commerce professionals due to the economic liberalization policies have changed the complexion of the Indian economy. Small and medium businesses are here to replace the multilevel markets, to enter into multinational companies.

Demand for competent professionals in the management of the companies gained as a result of the trade. Specialists to meet the needs of the market in shaping many universities offer courses valuable trade. Know about the stream better to know commerce courses availability after inter. Jobs are available for these courses. Which college to join? How to obtain the seat? Duration for chosen course to be completed. Many questions arise in the student’s mind. Teachers, friends, parents, counsellors, social media all of them clarify doubts to some extent only. The final decision will be taken by students by themselves. Commerce stream Supporting points: India wants to achieve double-digit economic growth. There are plenty of opportunities for business development in the next two decades. In these Conditions better choose trending field such as e-commerce, more job opportunities are available for those who choose a career in the social sciences and commerce. Majority of India’s GDP comes from the financial services and allied sectors. In such an economy, the business environment, e-commerce is the best opportunities for the students to complete the courses. Higher education in Engineering, Medical and gradually degrade the quality of courses, To avoid the financial burden students are considering alternatives. With changing economic conditions, e-commerce, providing attractive career. Easy e-commerce-related courses can be completed with low-cost. Bcom: For Inter-commerce students it is available to them in the traditional course. Various universities and educational institutions also implement a variety of specialization in Bcom degree.

They are also important in commercial flat to form providing job opportunities.

Bcom (Honors):

This is a purely business course, outlines the economic elements. Of course the most preferred application it is.

Bcom (Computers):

Commerce computerization contributes huge to this course. Bcom degree has been get modified from time to time to meet the needs of the economy. Corporate Accounting, advertisement, sales promotions, Tax Procedures and Practices, International Financial Reporting System of the specializations are available here. With Bcom CA, CS, CWA courses affiliate few programs that help to reach the new trend and growing. Depending on their interest the students of Bcom course get trained in CA, CWA and will get the necessary training in few courses. In CA kind of courses, pass percentage is very low. Hence, the success of which comes Bcom degree student does not waste time.

Integrated Programs:

Bcom-LLB integrated courses such as e-commerce students effective and useful. These courses are usually five years of duration. This course specializes in the coming two degrees simultaneously. However, the completion of a course (after three years) if you drop in middle course can not be completed. Would not have stopped even a single degree.

Professional courses:

No doubt that it will be a wonderful job inyour hand if you complete CA, ICWA, CS, CFA professional courses. Its little more difficult when compared to the regular degree courses. Campus degree programs are not common. The student personally should take responsibility & more attention. There are good opportunities for professional course CA. Try hard and work hard to pass CA. Compared to the cost accountancy, company secretary courses are a little easier. Only a very small percentage of people able to complete the CA course. But after completion commerce, inter-related areas, a wide variety of higher education after the completion of the degree, there are job opportunities in huge number. PG, vocational courses, the competition tests, there are so many ways of doing this. Some of the most important of them are,

Higher Degree Programs:

Students completing Bcom go to Mcom. Rather than the usual Mcom, MBA, MA (Economics / Econometrics), Master of Investment and Financial Analysis (MIFA) programs, etc are available. There are good opportunities available. In Financial Management, Financial Control, Financial Administration one can Master these courses. attractive opportunities are available for those who go toward research. Accounts, Finance Department, there has been a shortage of doctorates. They have a good career in teaching. Wages are also currently available in the field of teaching, its is good.

Certificate Courses:

Certificate courses offer a variety of organizations, such as NCFM and SEBI. This has even more job opportunities for those courses. Financial Analysis, Foreign Trade, Banking, Insurance, Financial Reporting, etc are other certificate courses. Competition tests: After a degree in World History, Banking Services, Combined Defence Services, State Public Service Commission for recruitment, etc.,are written competitive examinations. Own practice CA, CWA, There are many alternatives in terms of a career in professional courses such as those CS. You can practice them own. There is a shortage of these professionals now. If so early in the few years, from four to five million workers in large companies can be easy to pay for. From Good institutions with MBA courses, will at least get three lakh per annum, Bcom wage is of Rs 1.2 lakh. All of these stages to achieve with better student academic record communication skills, soft skills will be developed.

Most of the colleges offer training for the additional capacity. Develop the capabilities of students to be involved in the organization of training. Hard work and intelligence of the students in engineering, medicine, commerce will give a good career. Some of the most important e-commerce colleges Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi Loyola College, Chennai Hansraj College, Delhi Christ University, Bangalore Sri narsimonji College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai Madras Christian College, Chennai Hindu College, New Delhi Stella Mary’s College, Chennai , which provide access to higher education institutions, 50-70 per cent of the marks in Intermediate is must to get into these colleges. Some of the college entrance examination, selection of courses, students will conduct interviews. Other companies also consider the percentage of marks in Maths.

Some of the leading companies :

Ernst & Young Deloitte

* kepiienji

* Bain and Capital

* Google


* Infosys Tech

* Hindustan Unilever

* Consulting Private Limited Many companies have adopted a strict recruitment process. Picked up some of the campus placements.

Before going for a job in any company, the company has chosen to follow the process, knowing that the work environment need to be anywhere. So get prepared well.

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