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English section is considered one of the important section in banking exams. It takes less time to attempt English questions compared to other sections like reasoning or QA. Go along with the matter prepared her on English language questions and answers for ibps exam pdf and get well aware on the same. Therefore there is a good scope to score maximum marks in English. If a candidate is very familiar with good vocabulary, English newspapers and English movies it will prove to a boon for those candidates all over india.

Banking sector has really proved to be a safe and secure job. The overall English grip of a student is tested so as to make the candidate work without any hindrance in future. Candidates are advised to work on vocabulary, grammar and reading skills. If you skip these steps on ibps numerical ability questions with answers pdf, quantitative aptitude, tips, you might have the chances of missing some important tips on the same. There are candidates who come from interior villages where English was never mandatory for them. Thus it comes out as a challenge for them. Therefore it is necessary to work little extra on their preparation to score well in banking or other government exams.

Any exam conducts a written exam as it first screening process, likewise banking written exams are conducted by respective governing bodies to screen out capable candidates. So better you should take down some tips as we narrate more.

1.       Read the questions carefully

2.       Acquire from whatever you read

3.       Make some rough notes if you found it to be important

4.     Try to get answer from the question asked and read the related passage again if in doubt.

There are basically three parts like comprehension, spotting errors and synonyms. One should prepare with excellent vocabulary to crack questions in spotting errors and synonyms. We hereby going to cover each and every topic simultaneously.


Comprehension is the best part of the exam in my view. It involves reading one passage and answer the questions asked from the passage. Here the problem arise is that the questions are not direct, but anyways if used some tricks one can get reply from the question itself as to which paragraph is to be considered. 

A careful reading is must in this case. For instance, a candidate may get plenty of such passages from books or websites which can help him or her to practice more. We suggest carefully read the passage and understand the theme first after that read the questions carefully and search the valid passage for answer. In most of the cases you will easily get answers.


You can follow several preparation English books for this section. Synonyms means same meaning words and antonyms means opposite words. You can get ideas from reading good English newspapers, especially try to capture points from editorials and articles. You can also try reading dictionary and can explore new words from it. 

It’s always advised to carry a dictionary while whatever you read so as to get proper meaning of it. Reading good books will fetch good knowledge of English which will not only help in banking preparation but also in other fields too.


Spotting errors in the questions are based mainly on simple grammar or on spellings. For this section one should have only the basic knowledge of English grammar like tenses , gerunds, singular/ plural issues etc.

Last but not least, cracking English section is not that difficult job. The basics of grammar and a habit of reading English books and newspaper can do wonders. Books like Arihant English, Word power made easy by Norman Lewis and Grammar by Murphy are enough to prepare.

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