How to Choose a Good Topic & Domain Name for Your Blog/ Website ?

Step 1:

Hey! Here you Go! Come let us start the discussion about how to start the blogging. Here we are going to discuss on How to Choose a Good Topic & Domain Name for Your Blog/ Website. I already shared my views on Who are eligible to start this blogging in the introduction part just before this article.

So Those who did not read that article, it is not recommended jumping directly in to this section. One more thing i would like to mention here again is that, you need to have lot of patience and need to put your genuine efforts to convert your time and hard work in to money. If you commit for that – Its worth spending such time and effort – else no!!

So let us start what to do now! Fro every blog you should have a name for it as a boy or girl get a name tag once they come in to this world. SO that your blog become a brand later. Think broadly before selecting a name for your blog. Continue.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog/ Website ?

1. Firsts of all did you do paper work on what are the topics you like most in this world since your child hood ? If no! then start right now. Figure out around 10 topics on which you have interested in.

2. Then filter out them and make a list of 5 topics now. You need to consider some points here while making the list to 5.

good domain name

i. You need to think once whether you can produce lot of content based on that topic ?

ii. Can you do research for collecting the more information on that specific topic ? Are you really interested in doing that task ? or you get bore to do research on the same ?  

iii. Decide whether the topic you select have more scope of attracting the viewers across the world. That means you need to identify whether the targeted Audion or more or less in number.  

For example : 

I choose a topic “news”. Then guess the targeted Audion. The answer is huge. If you choose a topic like “valentines day celebrations”, the visitors becomes less. because the major age group look for this event are youngsters. And then the blogs based on this event will only have the chances of getting visitors in the month of January and February up to 14th feb. Did you get my point ? Where as news section always will be different. There will be hot topic 24X7. So visitors will be any body from both the genders starting from 10 yrs to 100 yrs. That is the point here.

One more thing you need to take care about here is that explained below.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Blog/ Website ?

For example as i said in the above paragraph yu might have been thinking that the news topic is good to start a blog. No. If you think like that, its a wrong strategy. I will reveal the problem, why not!

right topic

you can go to Google and type the word “news” . What you get in the search results ? there you can see lots of web sites which are well established in the market and the people addicted to the websites of their choice already. So what you are going to let the people know the new thing ? Think once about it. So we call it as the competition is high for the topic “News”. Got it ?

Now you fall in to dilemma what to do then ? is n’t it ?  I say the right way for this situation.

-> Choose the “news” topic but not all news. We call choosing this kind of topic as a “generic” topic in blogging terminology. You should not cover all the news starting from movies to politics. Starting from wall papers to geography. Instead go for a specific topic. We call this as a “Niche” in blogging terminology.

-> Then finally choose one topic of your choice.. And stick to it. 

That’s all for this session, I will let you know what to do next in the step 2 in next article. stay with me!!

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