How to Register a Blog Name or Aaddress for Your New Blog ?

How to Register a Blog Name or Address for Your New Blog ?

As i discussed many things about who can start a blog in the 1st step towards naming a blog or website in the previous sessions, now i would like to move further on how to book a blog name for a blog or domain name for a website.

Here in this session you need to concentrate more on the points which i cover below in detail about how to register a blog name or website name. So have a look.

How to Register a Blog Name or Domain Name ?

Once you figure out the name for your blog (if you choose to go with a blog) then you need to register a name for it. For that you need to browse through the website.

Note : Here the is the blog service offered by google team for the bloggers for free of cost. You can use the services of to create a blog and run that blog for full extent.

creat blogger blog

Do note that there are so many blogger sites providing the similar services for free of cost like etc in the process of registering a blog and learning how to name a blog address, but i recommend you to go with

If you wish to go with the website, you need to register a website with the name you want. It costs you from 100 rs to 1000 rs and more in specific cases just to book a domain for you. 

Here i discuss both the ways for registering a domain name for Blogger as well as website. First we go with Blogger. And i guess all of you read my first session about who are eligible to do blogging ?  which will give clarity on many things.

Registering a Name for your Blogger Blog :

i. First of all you need to have a gmail account for this. Create one if you do not have already. And then browse for There you need to Create a new blog in the blogger dashboard (You must login to the blogger or already logged in to gmail account on which you are going to create a blog.)

ii. Give title of the blog of your choice.  We hope you already been selected a name and i discussed How to Choose/ select a good topic & Name for Your Blog/ website in prior article.

iii. Give the blog actual name which is the url of your blog in the address field. The name accepted by blogger, then no problem, some times the other bloggers use the same name and already running with the same name, in such cases you need to change the name little bit without loosing the soul of your blog topic. Try with related names till it accepted by the blogger.

iv. The blog name comes as :  or etc. you can not remove the blogspot from the url at any cost. If you do not like to have that blogspot in the name, you need to go for the website (i will discuss that in the next session). So I guess you come to know a clarity a bit more on how to name a blog site. true ? if not continue reading.

v. select the template for your blog of your choice (You can change it later) and then click “create blog”.

v. Now your blog is ready. You can view your blog now and click the blog name which opens a page where you can browse through blogger dashboard options. For example you can create a post, you can view how many visitors coming to your blog online, layouts, templates, settings etc. it looks like :

blogger blog dashboard

So in the next session i will teach you how to register a website name for your website. And then let us jump in to what to write in a blog or website and how to do it in correct way. So stay in touch!!

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