How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website ?

I am getting excited as i have been sharing my views to the friends who visit my blog will leave with an important stuff which helps an individual to choose their chance of utilizing their valuable free time and convert in in to money. My wish is  blogging tips will help at least 1% of the Audion who visit my job portal, i feel happy and i am succeeded in my view. Let us start.

Coming to the point, i have been started discussion on how to start a blog and register the name for a blog in last couple of articles, i hope this session covers how to register a domain name for your website. I discussed already who are eligible for this blogging, have a look at it first, this is just to remind you all the visitors who landed directly on this page.

As i said, i have already said how to create a name for your blogger blog, come let us discuss the domain name registration process to creat a webiste. As i said, i guess you have already chosen a topic and a name for your website. So the next step is to register it.

Steps to follow on How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website ?

1. Choose any of the domain name registrar across the world. For example,, etc.

I generally use but i don’t know why. You choose the one of your choice. Read any of the reviews in google and compare the pros and cons of the each domain name providers and then decide finally about it.

2. Here i choose the example as for demonstration purpose. Have a look at the below screen shot.


3. The provider asks you to register with them first before starting any transactions with them. So register with your name, email, password and phone number. Then yo can login to that particular provider.

4. Now you need to click on the domain name Registration.  I have already discussed on how to book a name for your blog. right ?

5. There you give the name of your choice in “Enter Your Domain Name(s)” field. And then there you can find a check box which allows you to choose the extension of your choice.

What is the extension of a domain name ?

-> Once you get knowledge on how to register a domain name for your website, Focus on the extension of the domain. It indicates where it belongs to and the scope and location of the owner targets the website to the people. for example : if you are choosing a domain name with “.in” extension  which looks like : , that tells the whole world is that i am an indian website and my focus is majorly on indians. It is that much simple. And for the other extensions there are separate meanings available. You can go and google it for the rest of the domain extensions.


6. Finally click for domains. It shows whether the domain available for you or not. And if available – check for the cost of the domain name.

If the name not available then go for other similar name. Else add it to the cart. And buy it. Once you done with the payment, you will able to look the admin area where you domain available for use. You can purchase it for the 1 year to 10 years depends on you. As i said how to choose a good topic for your blog or website, you need to select a suitable name for that. Else the domain name gives wrong message for the audiouns. 

Now the process is to book a web hosting for that domain which helps yu to host your webpages on the internet space and at a particular location. This process needs some technical support. You can call the technical team of the website “domain – hosting” providers , else you can ask me in comment box if you get any doubt on that.

In the next step, i will discuss on how to deal with new blog post which is the actual thing the world sees on your blogger blog. © 2014-17. All Rights Reserved.