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Logical reasoning comprises of 40 marks questions in IBPS banking examination. This section is very much important as students face problem completing this section on or before time. Here is the chance of looking deeper in to the matter of how you need to plan for IBPS Logical Reasoning Questions with Answers, Puzzles Question and preparations to get positive outcome in the exam.  These tips will helps you a lot for sure.

So do not skip this article. Logical reasoning simply means thinking beyond the imagination like if I place a hall filled glass of water what you will see? Some will see half filled glass and some will see half empty glass but my dear friends! The glass is never half filled because it is filled half with water and half with air. This is called logical reasoning in layman language. this helps a lot.

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Now the question arises why screening process of banking needs this type of subject? The answer is because they need candidates who can make maximum out of an adverse situation, who has the capability to resolve public issues, who can withstand public pressure.

To solve reasoning problems one has to be a good observer. Reasoning is an important section in bank PO and Clerical cadre examination. There are many serious candidates around us who are preparing for banking exams.

IBPS PO reasoning will be more critical than the clerical exams. There will be two types of reasoning questions one is verbal reasoning and other is non verbal reasoning. 

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Verbal reasoning comprises questions from number series, direction sense, alphabet series, coding-decoding, blood relation, age calculations, arithmetic series, decision making etc. nonverbal reasoning includes non verbal series like mirror images, grouping identical figures etc.  

Hope you all got my point, so for your ease we are going to upload reasoning pdf files containing practice questions with answer at the end of this article. Also you can download previous question papers from our website. Isn’t this IBPS Logical Reasoning Questions with Answers, Puzzles Questions helpful ? To get more idea, you need to open the pdf link given at the end of the article.

If you think that reasoning is not your forte then the only advice I can suggest is practice with little bit of patience. Here we are focusing more to provide previous papers with answers for better practice.

But before practicing a candidate should be familiar with the syllabus and question pattern. Most of the times questions comes surely from arrangements section and as per review this section may comprise of 10-15 questions, sequential output training consists of 10-15%. 

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Now coming to odd man out type questions so it comprises of approx 5 questions in total other sections like data sufficiency, syllogisms, critical reasoning and visual reasoning comprises  5-8% questions. Therefore a good planning is needed to cover all these sections.

Some of the other topics in the reasoning section which are must concentrate are Alphabet Test, Input Output, Coding-decoding, Mathematical Operations, Sitting Arrangements, Blood Relation, Direction Test, Alpha-numeric Sequence Test, Number, Arithmetical Reasoning,  Ranking and Time Sequence Test, Logical Venn Diagram.

So coming to each section according to difficulty level we hereby describe some tips. For Arrangement questions one has to be very careful as it does not require any conceptual knowledge only thing is reading and interpreting a large data and represent it in forms of a figure/table.

Though this set may be time consuming but can bear full marks. Second we are going to describe question pattern for sequential output tracing, these are the questions in which numbers or words or a combination of both is given. 

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And you need to identify the logic through series of steps and obtain final output. In this type of questions you can either solve the complete set or not be able to solve a single question.  There can be some miscellaneous puzzles too in the written exam.  

Therefore it is advised to prepare well in this section and one must be acquaint with the question types that he is most comfortable with and attempt accordingly to save time and negative marking. For more details and to download previous years questions you can visit our website.

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