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As the IBPS examination is growing its familiarity in banking sector. There are rising rumors in the exam question paper. We are here to clarify these rumors and put forward some good tips to get through with the bank exams. Better you read this article till the end to get clarity on ibps numerical ability questions with answers pdf, quantitative aptitude, tips for your better performance in the upcoming ibps exams. Today we will discuss on the questions asked in numerical ability. Solving numerical problems correctly but attempting less questions will not prove to be a good idea. Get it and go through below article.

What every contender will have to focus is the timing and tricks so as to consume less time and solve more numerical. So friends if you are interested or preparing for IBPS then you should keep in mind these tips. We have some model questions which you can download for free from our website, this might help you focus more. If preparation is good then one should mesmerize all the formulas and shortcuts. We recommend to go through this section very seriously.

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You may face several range of numerical problems ranging from a very easy to difficult. This section of Numerical Ability evaluates on problem solving capability and accuracy level. Mostly questions comes from topics like age, profit analysis, average, time and distance, simple interest, compound interest, probability, percentage, LCM and HCF, clock, calendar, discount etc. 

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All the topics have their own level of importance to score good marks one should focus equally on all topics. Mathematics involves accuracy. There are several methods to solve a numerical problem but an intelligent candidate must focus on that method which will take less time to produce accurate answer. We hereby quote some examples to help you understand more. Every year we will get 2 to 3 questions on profit and loss. 

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If cost price is less than the selling price we will get profit but if selling price is less than cost price we will get a loss, there are questions related to calculate profit and loss percentage. Here we should remember basic profit loss formulas. Profit is the difference in selling price and cost price where selling price must be greater than the cost price, loss is equal to C.P minus S.P. Profit percentage or loss percentage is always calculated by multiplying 100 with the loss or profit value divided by S.P or C.P respectively. Likewise you will get plenty of tips to score good in exam. For more updates please visit our website time to time.

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Arithmetic problems are not so bad they are easy if we know formulas and perfection, do not you agree? Various competitive exams incorporate these types of mathematical problems to check analytical and mathematical abilities of the candidate. Some of the problems i this ibps numerical ability questions with answers pdf, quantitative aptitude, tips may also include graphs, tables, percentage analysis, data interpretation etc. A candidate should take utmost seriousness while solving these types of problems. 

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Age related mathematical calculations are also a little tricky before solving these type of problems you are advised to read carefully what is being asked in the questions. Good knowledge on relations will fetch you full marks. Aspirants looking forward to apply for IBPS, SBI, RRB etc . If the current age is ‘x’ then n times the age will be ‘nx’, age ‘n’ years later will be ‘x+n’ years, age ‘n’ years ago was ‘x-n’ years. 

Therefore if you will concentrate more and practice you will get good score, as the IBPS exams are not so difficult to crack. We wish good luck to all aspirants stay tune to our website for more information regarding IBPS tentative dates, syllabus, mock papers etc.

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