SAT Essay Writing Tips, Improve SAT Score, Examples

Writing an essay in schools and college level competitions is not so difficult to get through as the competition would be among a few schools or colleges with the same standards. Most probably the graders will be of the local domicile professionals and they choose the best out of all the performances. It would be a different game of thrones when it comes to SAT. So go through SAT Essay Writing Tips, Improve SAT Score, Examples given here to get more idea on the same.

SAT, the pattern of the exam which we are following since 2005 is of 3 hour 45 minute duration in which the standards of students are graded by the international graders. When the competition is that big, you should give it a shot that big too here.

As we are talking about the standards, SAT will going to compromise. You cannot just scribble a bunch of words to make it an essay. It should impress the graders and so you should maintain clarity of the topic, organize the points in the article neatly, should have no grammar mistakes and a good phrasing is all recommended. When you are writing an essay to impress a grader, think like a grader. Have a look over on this topic of SAT Essay Writing Tips, Improve SAT Score, Examples perfectly. Check out the following point that might help you prepare, write and get good grades in SAT.

1. As the SAT essays are graded by humans and not by some computer coded programs, you can blossom your creativity on presenting the topic. Who doesn’t like the creative job, aren’t you? So are the graders.

2. Practicing is what matters. An athlete cannot give his best if he performs directly in the race or competition. Practice makes man perfect (women either). Find some topics or research on the internet about the SAT topics and practice with at home with a timer ticking down. It will help you organize your ideas and points to write in the real exam and will help you manage the time better. The more you practice better the more you can perform better than everyone else.

3. You might have a lot of creative ideas and you may be able manage time better than everyone else, but what if you can’t design your essay neatly. Designing is not decorating with color pens what I meant, it is designing your paragraphs neatly. You cannot write everything in one big paragraph. It will crack down the interest to read for the reader, unfortunately the grader.

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4. Writing SAT essays is also not filling up the gap you are given, try to maintain as best clarity as you can in your essay. Write in a way not to lose the reader from the very first line to the very last one.

5. A SAT essay can be a contradiction. You may or may not agree with it. The answer may not always be the ‘true’. You can choose to write you own ideas and opinions on the topic. You have choose a ‘no’ and that doesn’t mean graders will not consider it for competition. The more confident you show off yourself with your points, the chances you have to win a better grade.

6. Keep writing SAT exams. You may not get a grade in first attempt sometimes, but you can get the better one next time. Remember that all the famous scientists have not got the success in first attempt itself. It took 100s for some and even 1000s of attempts for some other. All the best!

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