SAT Exam Maths Section Preparation Plan, Tips, Syllabus

SAT Math section is highly scoring part for every student just by keeping simple effort. There are better of chances of improving SAT Math score by focusing on the exact concepts included in SAT Math session and managing time. These two are key ways to succeed in SAT exam. Go through this SAT Exam Maths Section Preparation Plan, Tips, Syllabus given below for better understanding on this topic.

• Focusing On the exact concepts asked in SAT Exam

• Managing time and accuracy

Focusing on the exact concepts usually asked in the SAT Exam:

First check out the SAT previous papers and analyze the test pattern and what type of questions is asked in the exam frequently. If you observe you can definitely understand exact pattern for the exam. Go according to it and prepare for the exam according to it. This works great…Before having your analysis also read different SAT Paper analysis articles given in news papers, internet and everywhere…

Here we describe the breakdown of SAT Math part as per our analysis:

SAT Math Paper Setters divide the paper into 4 parts, which includes :

• Numbers and Operations is the first part which covers  20-25% of the SAT Math paper

• Algebra and Functions is the 2nd one which covers 35 to 40% of the SAT Math Ppaer

• Geometry and menusration covers 25 to 30% of the paper

• Data analysis, statistics and probability is the last part covering 10 to 15% of the paper

So, prepare accordingly for the SAT Math part and we are sure the success will be yours

Here we only gave a brief analysis of the previous papers. Go in depth and analyze a set of previous papers in depth before sketching a preparation plan

Time Management and accuracy :

Correct and appropriate usage of time is always important to optimize the score. Here we gave step to teach you how to manage the time and accuracy.

• Accuracy and speed both should be maintained on the same track. Don’t miss one for other. Both of them are twin sisters. Remember this and go accordingly. To manage both of these under single roof candidate should do a systematic practice (systematic practice means practicing by checking the mistakes frequently and working out to minimize the mistakes. After having overcoming mistakes concentrating on the time). Doing this from the first day help of practice help the candidate in managing time while writing exam. By considering all these points on SAT Exam Maths Section Preparation Plan, Tips, Syllabus, you will be getting the positive and negetive aspects of how to prepare for this exam for sure.

• While writing exam always be aware of time and work accordingly. Don’t waste time on any single problem.

• Plan to answer easy questions as soon as possible first and then answer the questions which you are doubted and then finally move for the tough questions. This saves the time and helps the candidate to score high.

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